The mission of AECIT is to work on areas which are of strategic importance to the future of the African economy and governance and its economic relations with the European Union, such as:

Foresight and strategic studies about the overall political, economic, cultural, social opportunities and about current challenges (migration) between the two regions, as basis for the implementation of the EPAs and a future CFTA.
Development of framework conditions for business operations in the new digital age and for social beneficiation, in areas such as infrastructure, education, public health, labour market.
Innovation in economic sectors (agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructures, services) in view of building (ecologically and socially) innovative and sustainable business strategies by companies of all sizes, and to develop mutual competitive advantage in the global economy.
Governance of regional market integration processes, adjustment strategies of companies, investment and trade regulatory frameworks, innovation of political management of the economy, regulatory simplification and specialist agency development.
Inclusive corporate strategy development focusing on all aspects of the value chain, strategic public-private enterprise partnerships, youth and women employment, vulnerable social groups.
Increasing economic steering capabilities of governments for managing complex policy processes, such as innovation or circular economy, joint public-private long-term strategy development, administrative innovation (digitalisation), solid taxation systems as a basis for welfare provision for all citizens (education, health, unemployment benefits, pensions).
Government and business social and ecological accountability systems, stakeholder cooperation.


AECIT had its genesis in an initiative of the think tank Mazungumzo – the African Forum in Brussels.

It results from joint thinking with various stakeholders, such as the Commission of the European Union (EU), the Secretariat of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Commission of the African Union (AU), and Henley Business School (University of Reading, UK).

As one of the first business schools to have a global presence, Henley Business School has a long established campus in Johannesburg (SA), where AECIT will be located.

The Centre provides an African platform for research and executive development, in collaboration with other academic centres.

In all programs, the Centre’s approach is on markets as an integral part of societies, on the inter-actions of the public and private sector for sustainable wealth creation and distribution and on the entire value chain of companies, including the often overlooked part provided by governments and supra-national institutions.

The Centre focuses on research and executive development for company managers (irrespective of company size) and for public officials.

In addition, it serves as a think tank for collaboration between the public and private sector.


In 2017-2018, AECIT is carrying out research on:

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Executive Development

We develop company managers and public officials.

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